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Walther SSP


.22 LR semi-auto

Olympic and World Cup medal winner

Maximum precision, premium technology

Hammerless linear system reduces movement

Reduced recoil with pneumatic dampening system

Laminated Protouch 3D adjustable grip in right or left

Fully adjustable trigger

Turnable front sight in three widths

Adjustable rear sight

2 x 5-round magazines, tools, cased

Barrel length: 153mm

Weight: 970g

Made in Germany

State-of-the-art technology for sports shooters. The Walther SSP has started a new era in competitive target shooting. Walther’s competitive target pistol sets standards with respect to reliability and technology. The Walther SSP obtains maximum precision at the highest possible technical level, utilising all anatomic possibilities: extremely light construction; low-lying bore axis; rear sight positioned over the wrist; maximum permissible barrel length; cocking status indicator and safety; compact design; pneumatic dampening system.

Advantages of the Hammerless system: The striker performs a linear movement in the immediate vicinity of the barrel axis. Thus no torques or tilting moments are generated inside the pistol, unlike in the hammer system.