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Walther SSP-E


.22 LR semi-auto

Maximum precision, premium technology

Electronic trigger - wear-free and exact settings

Rechargeable via mini-USB, 6000 rounds per full battery

LED indicators for battery charge level

Variable centre of gravity

Reduced recoil with pneumatic dampening system

3D walnut adjustable grip in right or left

Fully adjustable trigger

Turnable front sight in three widths

Adjustable rear sight

2 x 5-round magazines, tools, cased

Barrel length: 153mm

Weight: 970g

Made in Germany

The Walther SSP is the shooting star among sporting pistols. Thanks to its superb dependability and advanced technology, shooters can be sure of maximum precision. Walther has developed a new variant of the SSP: the SSP-E. The e-trigger ensures wear-free operation and exact trigger settings for up to 500,000 rounds. This makes it an ideal sporting pistol. Intensive dry-firing under realistic competition conditions is also possible. The SSP-E is ideal for rapid fire events - the rapid, continuous fire of the electronic trigger is a significant advantage.

Advantages of the Walther e-trigger: wear-free operation and exact trigger settings over many years; choice between adjustable two-stage mode and direct trigger mode; realistic dry-firing conditions (dry-firing trigger); rechargeable battery; rechargeable via mini-USB from any PC or charger; charging time for 100 rounds is approximately 1 min; total charging time is approximately 90 min; LED indicators for system readiness and battery charge level; automatic e-trigger turnoff when not in use.