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Walther LP400 Carbon


.177 single-shot air pistol

World Cup medal winner

200 bar Micro-compressed air system

Carbon fibre barrel jacket

Optimum grip position with 3D walnut adjustable grip available in six sizes

Variable centre of gravity with two-sided sliding barrel weight

Optimised air flow ensures short shot development time

Reduced recoil with double compensator system

Turnable front sight in three widths

Infinitely adjustable rear sight width and depth

Ergonomic two-sided loading lever

200 bar Slimline cylinder with pressure gauge

Fully adjustable trigger with dry-fire mode, tools, cased

Barrel length: 227mm

Weight: 870g

Made in Germany

Successful sport shooters choose Walther. They prize the optimum grip position of these match air pistols, because they know that the grip position is crucial for every tenth of a ring and hence for winning gold.

Walther has now taken grip technology even further: the LP400 Carbon air pistol offers you a previously unknown variety of equipment details, grip sizes and functions. Select your own personal high-tech precision gun and start preparing for your competition. With the LP400 Carbon you’re a winner - as a club member or as an Olympic participant.