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Walther Machtac 3 machete NEW


420 stainless steel blade

Straight blade is made for two-hand-use

Synthetic grip

Includes rugged nylon sheath

Blade length: 473mm

Overall length: 767mm

Weight: 1465g

The extra-large blade on the Walther Machtac 3 machete is made of 420 stainless steel and is coated for protection.

Any colour is fine, as long as it’s black – that’s what many enthusiasts say when choosing tactical knives made by Walther. But they’re also fascinated by the close connection to the legendary Walther pistols. There’s the P99 knife with its exchangeable grip resembling the exchangeable backstrap of the pistol that lent its name. And the PPQ knives with their Hi-Grip surface finish, a feature of modern polymer pistols. And finally the P38 knife with its classic, historical look. In the heavy duty range, tactical machetes and axes are essential in camping and outdoor activities, and hunters swear by the Hunter Set.